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Understanding Immediacy

Posted By PixAngels
Understanding Immediacy - An Emerging Trend In Buyer Behaviour

"I want it now!" How often do we hear this sentiment expressed. Why do I need to wait? Why can't I have it now? We see so many quick fixes advertised: How to lose 5 stone in one week; how to quit smoking instantly; and how to get a 6-pack in 6 days. This obsession with finding immediate solutions is felt by both consumers and brands. Brands are feeling the pressure to deliver their services more efficiently and quickly.

The market is experiencing a trend called 'Immediacy' where consumers are becoming more agitated and less willing to wait, with a sense of urgency on their purchase. But what affect does this have on a brand?

In 1943, Polaroid developed the first instant camera, allowing people to take a picture and print it immediately [3]. Technology has come a long way since this date, although the premise is still the same: people want fast or instant delivery.

Today, many companies are attempting to satisfy this need, providing their services as quick as is humanly possible. Amazon is in the process of developing drones that will be able to deliver goods to customers, promising faster delivery [1]. Google have been able to go one step further, consumers will be able to receive their purchase within a matter of hours using their same-day delivery service, Google Express [2]. However, how much more efficient can these systems become? This is an interesting question with the rise of technology giving hope for future developments.

PixAngels also works within this premise. Providing instant photographs and interaction with the brand. Consumers are able to receive their personalised giveaway while engaging physically and virtually with the brand.

Brands need to be aware of this desire for immediacy and how this can be worked to their advantage. For example, can the company promise faster delivery than it's competitors? Can it use technology in an innovative and unique way to give the consumer what they want?


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