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The PixAngels Journey

Posted By PixAngels

Capturing a moment is a powerful tool when used correctly. Photos become an inspiring, fun catalysts for online conversations that drive the social, brand influence everyone is looking for!

Here’s how we capture stories:

1. SNAP!
Simply put, we roam events & activations with our cameras in hand, ready to take pictures. Unlike a photobooth, we interact with guests and provide a tailored experience for events; one that results in great memories and gives consumers a reason to share their experience!

2. Instant print
Imagine being are able to print branded photos on the spot and gift to consumers as a tangible reminder of their brand experience…that’s what we do!

3. Branded frame
Our frames are a blank canvas ready to be branded. Pump up the volume and amplify your brand at every opportunity.

4. Data capture
For every picture taken, we capture the essential data, Names, email addresses, and anything else you’re after. We’ll feed this back to you after the event so that you can really know how successful the activity was.

5. Interactive Online Gallery
Talking about customisation….we can brand your gallery and design it to all of your specifications. We can even include competitions, video content, polls and various other fun features to drive interaction and sales.

Our unique tech instantly uploads all photos to your branded micro-site. From the gallery, consumers can share across all social media platforms with your branding intact!

6. Social share
Drive engagement and make your campaign a social occasion! Photos can be shared across social media platforms with brand messages and hashtags already intact.  

It’s all so simple, we use smart digital software, and promote online sharing of branded photos that drive advocacy & digital engagement. If you want to use the power of social media to amplify your next event, we’d love to hear from you!