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The Importance of Social Media

Posted By PixAngels
PixAngels and the Importance of Social Media

One of the biggest shifts in the events industry over the years is the growing use of social media at events. As a result, a well thought-out social media event marketing strategy is integral to planning and executing successful events.

So just how can social media add value to your next event? 

  1. Adds value to event-goers
    Social media adds value to the event-goers experience. Guests are more likely to like, share and comment on content featuring the people they have attended the event with. As a result, it’s important to simplify the process by making it easy for guests to share their content during the event, whilst also being able to tag YOUR event!

    An easy and fun way to go about this is to add a photo element to your event. With PixAngels roaming photo technology, guests can instantly share branded photographs online and on social media, whilst also being fully immersed in the event experience.
  2. Enables event engagement
    Event professionals agree that engagement at events is an extremely important element in determining how successful the event has been. The last thing you want is someone on social media stating how bored they are at your event! Encouraging collaboration and participation are ultimately what you should aim for, this can be made easier by using social media.

    There are so many great opportunities for increasing participation with social media. Events, such as conferences or seminars, can take advantage of social media to build meaningful interactions with attendees. Twitter is a popular choice at most of these events. Take it a step further and provide direction by asking the audience questions and encourage them to take part in polls and post using the event-specific hashtag.
  3. Increases event and brand exposure
    With the use of event-specific hashtags, it’s easy to track how people are interacting with your event. Event hashtags coupled with event technology which allows your guests’ posts to be viewed instantly is an easy and effective way to encourage engagement.

    Ensure your photo element has instant social media sharing options. When combined with an event hashtag, you want to set up a live-stream of guests’ pictures which have been taken. PixAngels can offer a live stream with a fully branded gallery, whilst providing you with a unique URL which the event can use or embed into their website.

In this way, you are creating an incentive for them to share pictures and increases event engagement— while bringing attention to YOU!

If you want to use the power of social media to amplify your next event? We’d love to hear from you!